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Innovation at Camellia begins with challenging the norm.

Our 50-year tradition is built on continuous improvement and development in every product we make. We believe that everything we do can always be done better and everything we build can improve in performance, reliability, and value.

Innovation at Camellia Metal begins with each team member.

We hire & groom innovators and team members that aren't satisfied with the status quo.

We encourage challengers of the norm to constantly create new ideas and new visions for the future.  

At Camellia Metal, we innovate and never settle for less.



Camellia Metal's high-performance, CHQ high lubricity coatings are well known in the engineer fastening industry.  his has been exemplified in the worldwide adaption of its Exoglide materials in the automotive fastening industry.  Exoglide coatings are environmentally friendly and easy to clean while delivering exceptional lubricity in stainless steel cold forging CHQ wires.

In 2018, customer visits by our Automotive Industry Team focused on the automotive fastener industry which led to one of Camellia Metal's biggest long-term projects and the creation of one of the most innovative coatings available in the cold heading industry.


Cold heading manufacturers often produce multiple SKUs ranging from simple, easy to run parts to complex, high deformation, multistage-headed precision components using the same steel material.

Traditionally, optimal lubricity varies from part to part. Manufacturers often set out for a goal of optimal production performance, cleanliness, and tool life, but end up with multiple different coating types and thicknesses for the same material.   


Project Mega Glide was initiated at Camellia and the goal was simple- To create a flexible coating for stainless CHQ wires to reduce customer inventory.


After a year of extensive customer collaborative testing, the most advanced and flexible coating developed by Camellia Metal was born. A coating that runs clean, aids complex extrusions and minimizes tool wear. In addition, it cleans easily and eliminates the use of acid baths.

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