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About Us

What we do

Precision steel is our everyday life.  From the high torque motor shafts for automobiles to high strength fasteners for aerospace, Camellia Metal products are the core of innovative products that drive our world.

Camellia Metal tempers ferrous and non-ferrous steels to achieve superior performance and utilizes a cold draw method to produce precision steels.

Our products are the building blocks for everyday use that keep us safe and improve our daily lives.

Culture of Innovation

Camellia Metal was established in 1971 with a simple philosophy:


Innovate and Build Quality.

Innovation and quality is the core of what we do.

In our mission to Innovate and build quality products, we leave no stones unturned. From basic everyday paperwork processes to complex manufacturing process technologies, Camellia teams are always challenging the norm and raising the benchmark in performance and quality.

From how we provide fast, quality customer service to all of our customers to how we treat stainless steel with heating methods for higher performance, our drive to innovate never rests.

Innovate & Build Quality... It's simply part of our DNA.

Company Milestones

Humble Beginnings

Retro camellia factory.webp

1971 - Camellia Metal is Established in Chungli, Taiwan as manufacturer of cold headed fasteners

1978 - Camellia Metal elects new CEO YH Chen, where he vertical integration initiation & adds

cold drawing lines for wires

1980 - Camellia Metal cold draw division expanded to support cold heading industry

1982 - Camellia Metal adds SBQ bar cold draw capabilities

1985 - Camellia Metal transforms and focuses on growing as a dedicated cold draw steel mill



Period of Growth


1997 - Camellia Metal Establishes LuKang Manufacturing Campus (Current Headquarters)

2005 - Camellia Metal Establishes 2nd Manufacturing Campus in LuKang, Taiwan 

            Camellia Expands SBQ product line capabilities & capacity 

2011 - IPO plan approved by Camellia Metal Board and approved by Taiwan SFB

2012 - Camellia Metal Facility 3 Expansion completed in LuKang, Taiwan

2014 - Camellia Metal Listed on Taiwan OTC Stock Exchange under Stock Code 2064

2016 - Acquisition of PT Camellia Metal in Indonesia

2016 - Camellia Metal Establishes Camellia Metal Thailand manufacturing campus

A New Era

solar panels camellia factory.webp

2018.06 - Camellia Metal Board Elects new Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Edward Chen

2018.07 - Camellia Metal Initiates Carbon Footprint Reduction Plan

2018.08 - Camellia Metal Received IATF-16949 accreditation for Automotive Steel Products 

2018.09 - Camellia Metal Initiates Accelerate Europe & North America market expansion strategy

2019.01 - Camellia Metal establishes Industry OEM Focus Strategy

2019.06 - Camellia Metal Initiates Engineered Solution Products strategy in North America

2020.08 - ESP division established in North America


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